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  *** Important Notes: 

1. In order to participate in any Vero Cycling, Inc. ride, you must be a member of Vero Cycling (out of town visitors can join as a temporary 30 day member) or you must register on this website as a "Nonmember Uninsured Rider."  To join Vero Cycling or register as a 
"Nonmember Uninsured Rider," click on the "Join Vero Cycling" button on our home page. 

2.  Cancellations and other temporary changes to these rides (e.g., changes to the start time or location) will generally be announced on the Vero Cycling member email list.  If you want to confirm the details for any of these rides, please email or call the ride leader.

3.  The ride leaders below are all volunteers.  There will be days when some or all of the ride leaders cannot make the ride due to other commitments.  On those days, the ride (or at least a particular pace group) may be self directed.

4. Bicycle helmets are required on all Vero Cycling Club rides.

Short and Sweet with a Bite to Eat
Pace Distance Pace Group Leaders
  11 am Casual 5 to 10 Sharon LaPoint, lapointsharon@gmail.com, 772-538-4434
  Ride Coordinator: Sharon LaPoint, sharon.lapoint@comcast.net, 772-538-4434

This ride will re-start in October.

Ride with Sharon and the group at a CASUAL pace (Beach Cruisers, Hybrids) for 5-10 miles. Afterwards, join us for something to eat.
  Tuesday - Every Week Tuesday Torture Trip
  Time Pace Distance Pace Group Leaders
  5:00 pm A/A+ 30 Ron Wiltison, ronron113@bellsouth.net,  772-473-0438
  5:00 pm B- 30 Hugh & Laura Aaron, hugh@theaarons.com, 804-690-9720
  5:00 pm C 15 to 20 Sharon LaPoint, lapointsharon@gmail.com, 772-538-4434
Catherine Reichert, catherinemreichert@gmail.com, 631-678-2492
  Ride Coordinator:  Open

Meet at Jaycee Park, 4248 Ocean Dr, Vero Beach (Ocean Drive or SR A1A, north of Beachland Blvd) for a late afternoon ride towards Sebastian Inlet.  Please be sure to have a working taillight and headlight given that, depending on the time of year, it may be getting dark during the ride. 

After the ride, join us for a very casual dinner somewhere in the area.  We typically eat outside.  Bike clothes are fine.
  Thursdays (POSTPONED UNTIL OCTOBER) Leaders Choice Ride
  Time Pace Distance Pace Group Leaders
  POSTPONED UNTIL OCTOBER B 25 to 30 Malcolm Allen, oibikesandkayaks@bellsouth.net, 772-299-1286
Hugh Aaron, hugh@theaarons.com, 804-690-9720
  POSTPONED UNTIL OCTOBER C 25 to 30 Greg Speck, gregspeck2@comcast.net, 203-645-1403
Ride Coordinator:  Malcolm Allen, oibikesandkayaks@bellsouth.net, 772-299-1286

Meet at Orchid Island Bikes and Kayaks (1175 Commerce Ave, Vero Beach).  The ride leaders will vary the route from week to week to keep things interesting.  So long as you can maintain a pace of at least 16 mph, Greg will make sure that you are not left behind.
  Thursday - Every Week
B-Nice Ride
  Time Pace Distance Pace Group Leaders
  5 pm B 25 to 30 Charles & Rosemary Sanford, ralqs@aol.com, 772-492-1695
Ride Coordinator:  Charles & Rosemary Sanford, ralqs@aol.com, 772-492-1695

Meet at McWilliams Park, 3341 Bridge Plaza Dr., Vero Beach (just south of the Barber Bridge and just north of Riverside Park) in the parking lot in front of the restrooms. The pace is to be B speed, a little slow for the B+ riders, a little fast for the B- riders. "Friskyness" is allowed on the return half of the ride.
  Saturday - Every Week
Saturday Fast Ride
  Time Pace Distance Pace Group Leaders
  7:15 am A+, A 30 to 50 Giorgio Res, giorgiores@hotmail.com, 772-766-2239
  Ride Coordinator:  Giorgio Res, giorgiores@hotmail.com, 772-766-2239

Meet at Panera Bread (2001 Indian River Blvd).  We typically head north on Saturdays, although the route varies based on the interests of the group.  After the ride, join your fellow riders at Coordinator typically sit outside) for breakfast, coffee or whatever.  
  Saturday - Every Week
Keep Calm, Cycle On Ride

Time Pace Distance Pace Group Leaders
  8 am B (18 to 20) or B- (17 to 18) dependng on the group 30 to 40 miles Charles & Rosemary Sanford, ralqs@aol.com, 772-492-1695,
"Last In Larry" Hershbarger, lhersh2004@yahoo.com, 573-470-2148
John Commins, johncommins@hotmail.com, 772-559-1172
  8 am C+ (16 to 17 or C (15 to 16) depending on the group 30 miles Sharon LaPoint, lapointsharon@gmail.com, 772-538-4434,
Mona Hartley, monahartley@bellsouth.net, 772-321-2426
  8 am C (15 to 16) or Casual (10 to 14) depending on the group 15 to 30 miles Bill Borrow, jcboardwalker@att.net, 772-234-2947
Tad Diesel, tad@dieselfuelforthought.com, 860-985-4823
  Ride Coordinator:  Tad Diesel, tad@dieselfuelforthought.com, 860-985-4823

Meet at the Jaycee Park overflow parking lot, 4248 Ocean Dr, Vero Beach (Ocean Drive or SR A1A, north of  Beachland Blvd) for a casual Saturday morning beach ride. The routes will vary depending on the wind and what the riders feel like doing.

If anyone is interested, Bill and/or Tad will lead a Casual pace group (10 to 14 mph moving average) riding around 15 miles.  The Casual group will stop whenever anyone needs water, a rest or just wants to take in the sea air. Road bikes are not required - comfort bikes, hybrids and cruisers are all welcome. The Casual group is focused on safety, moderate exercise and socializing - not speed.   Please make sure you wear a helmet.
  Sunday - Weekly
Sunday Sunshine Ride
   Time Pace Distance Pace Group Leaders  
  9 am B 25 to 35 miles Hugh & Laura Aaron, hugh@thearrons.com, 804-690-9720  
  9 am C+ 25 to 35 miles Al Francis, francal@msn.com, 772-713-1755  
  9 am C 15 to 20 miles Dave Hunter, davehunter322@icloud.com, 516-375-1836  
  Ride Coordinator: Hugh & Laura Aaron, hugh@thearrons.com, 804-690-9720

Meet at McWilliams Park, 3341 Bridge Plaza Dr., Vero Beach (just south of the Barber Bridge and just north of Riverside Park) in the parking lot in front of the restrooms. The routes vary from week to week based on where thee group feels like riding (and the wind direction).  Please note that the pace group leaders listed above are not always able to make the ride.  However, the ride will go on even if one or more of the pace group leaders are not able to make it.  Please call or email any of the pace group leaders if you want to know whether they are going to make the ride, or if you have any questions.

After the ride, the group usually goes to lunch at Ay Jalisco (495 21st St, Vero Beach, FL 32960) a few doors down from Publix in the Miracle Mile shopping center.  Everyone is welcome to join us. 

  OFFICIAL RIDE LEADERS: Giorgio Res, Ron Wiltison, Hugh Aaron, Malcolm Allen, Larry Hershbarger, Jason Abernathy, Bill Borrow, Sharon LaPoint, John Commins, Tad Diesel, Greg Speck, Charles Sanford, Rosemary Sanford, Roberto Cordero, Jim Williams, Catherine Reichert, Peter Nebenfuhr, Blair Condon, Tom Heffernan, Chris Hyslop, Charlie Prisco and Dave Hunter

Vero Cycling, Inc.

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